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Do we have to pay for travel time?


No. In most cases, your time starts at your first pick up location.


Is the deposit refundable?


No. Once the limo is booked and a deposit is received, the limo is held for you. If you cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, you may use that deposit towards another rental.


Am I paying for the limo when I’m in the restaurant, or concert?


Yes. You have rented the limo and it is yours for the allotted time. But we take this into consideration when quoting the job and give you a reduced rate as we understand as it is sitting during that time.


Is smoking allowed in the limousine?


No.  Smoking is prohibited inside all vehicles.


Are you available for holidays?


Yes.  As long as we are not booked we can provide our services on all holidays.


When attending a concert or event, is the client responsible for any parking or tolls?


Yes.  But our driver will try our very best to avoid any fees occurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

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